Excavating The 80s

I Love The 80s.

That comment would have got most of us a swift kick up the ass back in the 90s, when nothing could have been more uncool. But the 00s went on to celebrate the music and culture of the 80s, as the media finally realized just how great they had actually been.

So now we get a look of respect when we say “I Love The 80s”. The likely response will be, “Oh yeah, you love the 80s?! The Smiths, The Human League, New Order, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, Duran Duran, Pet Shop Boys and all that?”

Um… well, yes, but not necessarily. The thing is, there was so much MORE to the 80s than the bands the media loves to namecheck today, i.e. the bands that were commercially successful. Great bands, for sure. But they weren’t ALL that was great about the 80s. To get to the heart of the greatest decade for music and pop culture, we need to dig so much deeper than the surface, and penetrate below to recognize the bands and artists that made up the vast bulk of the 80s music culture. The bands that deserved success just as much as the ones who got it, but were either too avant-garde for their own good, or in many cases just unfortunate.

This blog is dedicated to celebrating the bands and artists of the 80s whom mainstream recognition chose to evade, and whom history has consigned to obscurity… but who were every bit as good as the well-known lot, and IMO often much better. They may be the lost bands of the 80s… but here we’re gonna ensure they won’t be forgotten.

Each entry I’ll be raising a shout to another of the finest bands/artists who the mainstream media ignored, and showcasing their greatest songs. And here’s hoping more people will check them out after reading about them.

And though we’re mainly talking music here, I may give the odd shout to other elements of 80s culture that time forgot. There’s plenty of long-lost awesome TV shows and movies in the 80s vaults as well.

So let’s take a REAL look at the decade that shook the pop cultural world… and set about Excavating The 80s.

  1. Denise Flowers says:

    Who is the writer of this site?

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